Battlefield server locations

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February Could you please also post an IP of at least one server, I want to contact my ISP to try to minimize ping if its possible. And I need info just about war pigeons.

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Thank you. Go to Solution. February - last edited February Unfortunately servers for Battlefield 1 are not available for some countries of Europe. I think in the future we will get more servers in various regions. View in thread. May Actually, when our squad is filled with guys from our platoon, we usually all go in the top Also I would like to mention Asian servers and Oceania server, The main reason I mention it, because I don't know you exactly location if you try to look for Japan or Australia servers might help out to lower you ping.

Also with the middle East servers might be close to location. I recommend alternative server to make you battlefield experience more enjoyable. Best Regards. August Does anyone know when will Southeast Asia server be online? I've been playing this game at ping ever since Dec' Kinda sucks. Where are u from? January Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn how to collaborate with Office Is there a list or a map with all of the new locations that xbox live servers will be located? I have noticed that recently I have been getting placed in matches with alot of people from the Chicago area in Black Ops 2 and being that I am 6 hrs from Chicago it puts me in a slight but noticeable latency disadvantage.

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Just wondering where the new servers were supposed to be going to. There are currently about 15, servers around the world powering Xbox Live. That number is expected to jump tofor the Xbox One, so you can expect a lot more locations to be added to the Content Delivery Network.

I know some of the locations for the servers in use now include Virginia and Washington Seattle in the United States. There are servers all over the world like the United Kingdom London and Japan Tokyoas well as Australia and probably some others.

Servers: Physical locations.

It's hard to find an exact list of the server locations as it isn't really that public. There are thousands of servers all around the world. You should be able play people closer to home by changing your online search settings. Call of Duty Ghosts will utilize the microsoft cloud as dedicated servers. However, they have started to implement this as well in BO2.

I haven't seen a host migration in a while. I was just wanting an idea of how close I would be to my closest server when all servers are up and running. And as far as the settings go on my end, believe me, I have maximized everything on my end since I have had connection issues from day 1 with BO2. I believe to be a result of the rural area I live in.

Is the xb1 using only US servers at the moment? It would explain the latency issues. If i test my ping to a uk hosted site like www. Use www.

battlefield server locations

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battlefield server locations

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I recommend this discussion December - last edited December I honestly cannot find ONE and have been looking for weeks.

If this is the case that is unacceptable. I do not want to play on a Badmin'd server! I should not have to! What is going on here? Anyone know? December Did you not read what I said? This is "Pub Stacking", and basically farming noobs. Not the ones that someone has rented and kept the presets as "official" but is still pub stacking and badmin'ing I should not have to play on a server that someone is paying to rent if I do not want to. There should be servers in my region hosted by the company that sold me the game.

That are not pubstacked by clans and high level players just waiting to pounce on noobs. There also should be a matchmaking system filling the hosted servers with players of like skill level. Like every other online FPS in history has had! It has not Oh and P. I just answered what could be answered on a community based, mostly technical, support forum.

Alternatively there might be someone in here who has read an official statement about this somewhere and can tell us - time will tell. Like this site for example what is the point of this site supposed to be? Because they do not want to pay people to actually give folks definitive technical advice on the problems they are experiencing. Everyone one of the sites you mentioned has mods that are language babysitters and nothing else.

What happened? Computer games are complex. Especially on PC all the different system configurations there's out there can give specific errors for each configuration, you can't expect game company employees to know it all, sure general problem, but obscure problems and technical issues with specific hardware etc.

Battlefield 3 - When a modder starts a server

Also, are you stuck in game where you can't find out a pussle etc. That's what Answer HQ is for, it's a place where the community helps the community with what it can actually help with and tries to reward the community for doing it.

In other words, I've pointed you in the right direction, you might not like the quality of the direction but that doesn't make it less right. I also miss the days you could communicate with developers, sadly, developers are expensive and since games like these now have millions of users you can't have them answering questions from the community all the time. I agree that the way they do it now should be better, but now we are circling back around.

So basically I am right That is just inexcusable. So, EA has made a game with alot of gamemodes and combinations. Lets look at it. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ!

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Server locations

See details Show less.The Pacific Theater maps bring amphibious assaults and all-out warfare across iconic battlefields, with the U. Danger and opportunity are everywhere. Take part in an all or nothing clash across wide-open black beaches and close-range environments like the tunnels of Mount Suribachi.

Landing boats, aircraft, and tanks are plentiful, and each can sway the match in their own way on this highly dynamic map.


The weather is as treacherous as your foes on this set of islands where a game-changing storm may roll in. Move between islands and secure the control points using boats, amphibious tanks, or aircraft. Arguably the most legendary map since the dawn of Battlefield. Do everything it takes in this war-ridden tropical setting to conquer the island, the skies, and the waves.

Based on early offensives of the war, the once serene landscapes of Belgium are left littered with tank husks in the aftermath of clashes such as the Battle of Hannut. Roll across a huge Battlefield map with a massive force of armor, carving a path of destruction through the countryside. These maps depict the Fall of France which eventually led to a British retreat from continental Europe. Venture deep into occupied France for all-out, infantry-only combat in narrow, cobble-stoned streets with plenty of chokepoints and flanking opportunities.

Twisted Steel is heavily inspired by the events at the fortified sector of the river Escaut inon the border between Belgium and France. Inspired by an unfamiliar conflict of World War 2, set in May Expecting little resistance, the German military pushed through the city of Rotterdam, but were met by fierce opposition from the Dutch military. Rotterdam is an urban environment decorated by canals, tall buildings, and a marketplace that no longer soothes pedestrians but preludes close-quarter firefights.

The map is inspired by the second part of the Rotterdam blitz by the German forces. The range, trajectory, and explosive yield of bombs dropped from above have reshaped the city. These maps are inspired by several strategic areas, such as the one between Libya and Egypt — a scene of pivotal battles between the Axis and Allied forces.

battlefield server locations

Deploy on a vast North African desert map where control of an airfield may turn the tide of the battle. A towering aqueduct-like bridge spans the dry ravine, one of the few signs that remain of a once-thriving civilization. Aerodrome is loosely based on the British attacks on German installations, supply lines, and airfields in the Libyan desert in — A key strategic point that can be heavily fortified and defended.

These maps are inspired by the Norwegian Campaign, which took place in the spring and summer ofin the northern port city of Narvik and the surrounding mountains. Set in Norway in the late spring ofintense infantry-focused combat breaks out on two separate islands — one featuring a fish oil factory and the other a small village. Based on the events of Operation Mercury inMercury lets you deploy on the coast of Crete where the British take on the invading German forces.

Prepare for verticality, all-out war, and asymmetrical vehicle forces. Experience the clash of forces that took place in Greece in late This second Battle of Greece map takes place along the mountain side overlooking a river, with ambient war from the ongoing conflict in the valley below echoing alongside you. High tempo, up-close infantry combat, and plenty of flanking opportunities are the staples of this highly dynamic battlefield. Holland Inspired by an unfamiliar conflict of World War 2, set in May North Africa These maps are inspired by several strategic areas, such as the one between Libya and Egypt — a scene of pivotal battles between the Axis and Allied forces.

Server locations

Norway These maps are inspired by the Norwegian Campaign, which took place in the spring and summer ofin the northern port city of Narvik and the surrounding mountains.September There is only one Asian server which is in Japan and like me, many in our country Bangladesh as well as in India, face high ping issues in Japan Server.

So my question was, will we get any Singapore server when the final game is released or do I have to cancel my Pre-Order? Go to Solution. July - last edited July. It's good since they added Singapore servers at launch. And also I get good ping in Japanese servers too. View in thread.

I'm on PC so can't help you with Xbox One. But I'd suggest try unticking everything in the Filters and only tick Asian server and see what happens. Ohterwise contact EA Support for in-depth help. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean.Enlisted: Are they in the regions specified in the filters, or are they all in one place and just assigned to locations? Just want to run some line tests on my internet to see how I connect to that region, for things like packet loss etc. The physical location of EA servers have always been kept kinda secret. I would bet money that they are in Sydney though. As far as the Aussie servers being in America, that's not the case.

My Ping to an Aussie server is 3 bars So, it's definitely somewhere else.

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If they aren't in Australia, they would be somewhere in Asia. Probability: 1. Sydney 2. Adelaide 3. They're located in the countries, Australia in Australia obv.

They are most likely hosted in big cities, that's how most companies store their servers. If it was all hosted in America and assigned to Aus, and your from Aus, you ping would be very high due to the distance from Aus to USA.

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I believe the main server locations would be, Dallas, Chicago. Their the server's I've seen used on different games, I could be wrong, and I mostly am. How do you ping an xbox server btw? But Japan? They are practically sitting right next to the dedicated server box seeing updates rapidly, while you guys are probably getting a quarter second delayCategories Discussions.

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August 2, PM edited August There needs to be a server in central us. There also needs to be servers in places where you happily sell the game. Places across the world who play bf. Like Japan. I don't think Japan has a server they usually connect to us servers as oor players because they have no choice.

I don't know I'm only speaking for consoles bottom line there needs to be servers anywhere you sell the game if that means jacking up the prices of servers so be it. If it makes play experience better I don't care how much more money the servers cost. August 3, AM. Japan has their own server. South America has their own server. Africa has their own server now for BF1. There is nothing in place to enforce regional play on console. We need procon on console so we can easily ban the laggers from the server.

I understand the issues surrounding such implementations Console should have the same server options as pc does. If it came down to putting a 3rd set of servers in the US or adding more to a different region, such as EU But I will ask again, why is there a need for a 3rd set of servers in the first place? There isn't IMO. At least until cross platform for console becomes available. August 3, AM edited August Don't need central servers August 3, PM.

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