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Length: Width: The yard also serves for different type conversion projects with its piers and slipways. Presently, HAT-SAN Shipyard has satisfactorily repaired around 63 vessels within 20 months since the start of operation of its home built floating dock in July until February Four different conversion projects are handled at the moment at the yard and more projects are expected in the near future.

SENER Marine provides services to ship owners, shipyards firms and design offices, implementing best practice in shipbuilding and the most innovative and efficient solutions on the market. Sefine Shipyard was established in Purpose-built on Tersan Shipyard Inc. Besiktas Group, one of the leading shipping and shipbuilding companies in Turkey, built Besiktas Shipyard between the years and Besiktas Shipyard is one of the best established ship building and ship repair yards of Turkey with proven experience in building specialised ships such as chem Please login or register to see more information.

The 10 All-Time Best Turkey Guns

Communication channels. Main email marketing hat-san. Route to this shipyard. Weather statistics.Since Hatsan is the unique air gun manufacturer and the best known shotgun manufacturer of Turkey.

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In design and engineering stage of production latest 3-D CAD system is used. All individual synthetic parts, metal parts and assemblies are analyzed through CAE softwares, so that cost elimination and durability are increased. Hatsan products ranges from air rifles and PCP pre-charged pneumatic air rifles in various calibers, to shotguns. Raw materials that are used in Hatsan are of very high quality, like Turkish walnut and very high quality steel. Hatsan has the capability and the background to produce any type gun in-house.

Many well known brands of the world are produced by Hatsan. Hatsan Arms company produces 12 and 20 ga. Escort Law Enforcement shotguns are used by law enforcement forces of many countries. On all4shooters. The Hatsan Arms Company manufactures the gauge Escort Dynamic autoloading shotgun: once again, a Turkish company offers a budget-priced, innovative gun to hunters and sports shooters alike.

hatsan turkey

Hatsan Arms products: air rifles and PCP Hatsan products ranges from air rifles and PCP pre-charged pneumatic air rifles in various calibers, to shotguns. Hatsan Arms Company: shotguns Hatsan Arms company produces 12 and 20 ga.Consumers should stop using this product, which is being recalled voluntarily, unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

The air rifles were available in three color schemes: black with a gray forearm grip and gray rear grip; camouflage with a black forearm grip and black rear grip; and a brown hardwood stock with checkering cut into the stock in the area of the forearm grip and rear grip. They measure 43 inches in length. The air rifles have a black scope and a front sight and a rear sight.

Serial numbers of recalled rifles begin with one of the following sets of numbers:,or No injuries have been reported. The U.

Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC is still interested in receiving incident or injury reports that are either directly related to this product recall or involve a different hazard with the same product. CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard. Under federal law, it is illegal to attempt to sell or resell this or any other recalled product.

Street Address Address Line 2. New Refurbished Used.This list is believed to be correct but is not guaranteed to be so. Manufacturers may change designs at any time without notification. In some cases there may be several different choke designs that have been used in the same model. If you are not SURE which choke fits your shotgun, please call for technical support.

Never attempt to force a choke that does not screw in easily. Trulock Tool and or Whigham Enterprises Inc. American Arms Fausti Mfg. American Arms Franchi Mfg. Please refer to our Choke Identification Tool for different designs and pictures of Beretta and Benelli chokes.

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Benelli: Pre Beretta Purchase [old style, has V threads ] : no known interchange. Benelli 12 and 20 gauge Mobil design: Superseded and Current Production models:. The below link describes the different versions of Beretta choke tubes and may be helpful.

It is used with permission from Beretta. Due to the similarities among different Beretta shotguns and that the same models can use different choke designs you should always physically verify which choke design your Beretta shotgun uses.

Hatsan Optima 12 Shotgun Panyam

Physically determine which choke your gun uses. Beretta SIL. SPT 12 gauge: Up to approx. SPT 12 gauge: Starting approx. Beretta Optima: used in 12 gauge. Browning Invector 12 and 20 gauge-standard bore diameters: short tube, approximately 1. Browning Invector Plus. Browning D.Hatsan Vortex Gas Pistons utilize regular air instead of any other type of gas. The following models are offered:.

hatsan turkey

Gas piston powered airguns can remain cocked for long periods of time without causing any spring stress or damage to the gun. Gas piston powered airguns produce more steady and consistent power between consecutive shots versus spring powered airguns. Gas Piston powered airguns eliminate most of the vibration caused by the oscillation of the heavy springs used in spring powered airguns.

Gas Piston models oscillate much less and finish the action cycle in less time than spring powered models making for a more comfortable confident shooting experience. There is no risk of spring fatigue or spring breakage. Fewer moving parts result in a much more efficient and reliable operating system. Gas piston powered airguns provide higher, consistent velocities over their lifetime when compared to spring action models. Springs get weaker over time causing decreases in velocity.

Gas piston powered airguns provide a much smoother and quieter shooting experience than their spring action counterparts. With gas powered models, the cocking action is much smoother.

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Also, spring grinding noises are eliminated during the cocking and firing sequence. Vortex Gas Pistons. Benefits of Gas Piston Airguns. More steady and consistent power between consecutive shots. Eliminates most vibration caused by oscillation of heavy springs.

Much smoother and quieter shooting experience. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter.The Hatsan Escort 3in-chambered is a reliable semi-automatic shotgun. With it's black business-like finish and very resonable tag price, every wildfowler wants one. Hatsan escort 3in. Lively and controllable. A practical workhorse gun with a business like finish.

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It is a practical workhorse, the 3in-chambered, steel-shot-proofed, Turkish-made Hatsan Escort semi-automatic. For that reason alone it is worthy of consideration here. The model with a synthetic stock is also a favourite of many wildfowlers though the gun would be as at home in a pigeon hide or busting clays. It is business-like and black although a wooden stock version is available as well as camouflage.

One is forced to wonder how on earth it can be made for the money as factory, wholesaler and retailer must all make a profit. The Escort may be plain and competitively priced but it is well finished and surprisingly well specified.

It does not look especially cheap apart, perhaps, from the Phillips screws in the grip cap.

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Hatsan Escort. Like most semi-automatics it is CNC machined from aluminium alloy. The black-anodised action is neatly presented. A gas-operated design, it incorporates a magazine cut-off that allows one to change the chambered cartridge for another without unloading the magazine. There is the usual bar-type safety to the rear of the trigger guard.

The trigger plate-cum-guard on the Hatsan escort 3in is made from black polymer as is quite common now. One unusual and positive feature is that the load-feed ramp also acts as the bolt release catch.

This is a practical arrangement and a fairly recent development on the Hatsan escort 3in. The form of the pistol-grip stock also appears most sensible. The Escort is comfortable to mount with notably good shapes. It weighs just over 7lb — quite light for a semi-auto.Model MOD 95 Caliber 4. The above maximum velocity figures are obtained when there is no energy restriction on the air rifle.

Instruction Manual GB. Bedienungsanleitung DE. Manual de Instrucciones ES. Combo scope mount rail good for both 11 mm and 22 mm mounts. Manual Safety. Automatic Safety. Anti Bear-Trap. Large muzzle break with open front sight. Gold plated metal trigger blade. Metal front sight with Truglo fiber optics. Instruction Manual.

hatsan turkey

Single shot break barrel action. Available in. Quattro Trigger is a 2-Stage fully adjustable match trigger system. High quality and genuine Turkish walnut stock — hunting style, ambidextrous, ergonomic and stylish design. Checkering on grip and forearm for better control and feel. Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption. Large muzzle break for easy cocking. Gold plated trigger blade. Precision rifled steel barrel. Anti bear-trap safety. Micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation with Truglo fiber optics.

Open front sight with Truglo fiber optics. Shock absorber scope stop. Micro adjustable rear sight. MOD 95QE. Share on facebook Facebook.

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